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Faster is a common name for one series of projects in Tampere University of Technology. The Faster project series started in the beginning of the 1990s by experimenting the use of ATM technology on university campus networks and the Funet backbone network.

Faster Pro, with its name extension 'Quality of Service in IP and ATM networks', is a three year part of TEKES's ongoing technology program Telecommunications - Creating a Global Village - TLX. The focus of Faster Pro has gradually moved to IP QoS mechanisms and its two main categories IETF's Integrated Services and Differentiated Services.

Project timeline with publications, presentations and other info

During its lifetime Faster and its descendants have produced a number of papers and other documentation. A rough timeline follows with links for more information.
In 1999 the work with MPOA (and currently ATM) was completed. Please see Faster's ATM page for the second ATM on Linux related MSc thesis and other information.

The work with SIMA was still continuing and the first wide scale tests were started at the end of the year.

Some measurements were also done with the IP telephony technologies, mainly comparing the network characteristics of different IP phone implementations.

In 1998 work with Nokia Research Center's SIMA was started. The Faster's diffserv page discusses SIMA and diffserv in more detail.
1997 and older
The Faster project was transferred under professor Harju's supervision in 1997. The project's focus was aimed more towards network protocols and new personnel was hired.

Some slides from Faster's 1997 workshop are available online. The slides are in Finnish and feature IPv6, MPOA and RSVP. If you are interested in the 1996 Linux LANE implementation, see Faster's ATM page for more information. Some other old documents and HTML pages are available on the attic.


Supervisor: Jarmo Harju

Other members (in random order):

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