Faster's diffserv related activities

Since 1998 Faster Pro has focused its diffserv activities around the SIMA concept. Also, at the end of 1999 work was started to eventually join the QBone


The SIMA core and access nodes have been implemented for the Linux operating system by Juha Laine and Sampo Saaristo. The core node was implemented first followed by the access node, and wide scale testing was started at the end of 1999.

For more info about the core and access node implementations, please refer to the following papers:

Source code and installation howto for the SIMA network node implementations.

J. Laine, S. Saaristo, J. Harju: Core Node Implementation for Differentiated Services. Proceedings of 5th EUNICE Open European Summer School, Barcelona, Spain, September 1 - 3, 1999, pp. 29 - 34.

J. Laine, S. Saaristo, J. Lemponen and J. Harju: Implementation and Measurements of Simple Integrated Media Access (SIMA) Network Nodes. Submitted proceedings for ICC 2000, New Orleans,USA, June 18-22, 2000.

J. Laine, J. Harju, J. Karjalainen, J. Lemponen and S. Saaristo: Real-Time Traffic Measurements in a Differentiated Services Network. Accepted to ICC 2001, Helsinki, Finland, June 11-15, 2001.

Jukka Karjalainen did his Diploma Thesis about VoIP in a Differentiated Services network. The thesis is available in PDF format.


Perttu Kivimäki has prepared an introduction to Policy-Based Networks and our implementation of a Bandwidth Broker. The document is available in PDF format.

Also a brief but descriptive PowerPoint presentation is available.

Faster Workshop 2001 was held at the Tampere Hall on January. Heikki Vatiainen described the general concepts of Bandwidth Brokers and Jussi Lemponen discussed the specifics of our implementation. Both presentations are available in PDF and PPT format.

Jussi Lemponen did his Diploma Thesis about the implementation of Differentiated Service Policy Information Base on Linux. The thesis is available in PDF and PS format. The LaTeX class file used in Jussi's thesis was written by Juha Laine and it is available at

The newest version of our PIB, COPS and COPS-PR libraries is 0.4, released on 23.9.2002. There's also a ChangeLog available.

Work in this area continues, and as more results are available they will be made available here.

Heikki Vatiainen
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