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Re: Re[2]: [nsp] Cat6509 MSFC1 interface stats.

Thanks for the info about CEF... Wasn't aware of that.

MLS is disabled globally on the MSFC:

#sh mls rp
ip multilayer switching is globally disabled
ipx multilayer switching is globally disabled
ipx mls inbound acl override is globally disabled
mls id is 0030.9633.1c6c
mls ip address
mls ip flow mask is unknown
mls ipx flow mask is unknown
number of domains configured for mls 0

I just noticed something that only serves to confuse
me more, though.  MLS is enabled on the SUP itself:

Cat6509=> (enable) sh mls
Total packets switched = 1387031763
Total Active MLS entries = 83
  MSFC x.x.x.2 (Module 15) entries = 0
  MSFC x.x.x.3 (Module 16) entries = 83
Long-duration flows aging time = 1920 seconds
IP Multilayer switching aging time = 256 seconds
IP Multilayer switching fast aging time = 0 seconds,
packet threshold = 0
IP Current flow mask is Destination flow
Active IP MLS entries = 83
Netflow Data Export version: 7
Netflow Data Export disabled
Netflow Data Export port/host is not configured.
Total packets exported = 0

Any idea how is MLS working (it seems to be working
based on the above, and a 'sh mls entry' does indeed
show entries) if it's disabled on the MSFC?  

--- Lars Erik Gullerud <lerik@nolink.net> wrote:
> There's a difference between CEF being enabled
> locally on the MSFC (for
> packets that are actually switched by the MSFC) and
> the Sup2/PFC2 which
> uses CEF directly with the PFC2. The Sup1A/PFC MLS,
> if I understand it
> correctly, punts the first packet in a flow to the
> MSFC, which then
> routes the packet normally (and for this, you can
> have CEF enabled, to
> handle the actual switching of this packet on the
> MSFC), and installs an
> MLS cache entry on the PFC to switch additional
> packets in the flow
> directly on the PFC ASICs. In that scenario, it
> would be normal that the
> interface counters on the MSFC only show the few
> packets that actually
> gets sent up to it from the Sup/PFC. (With the
> Sup2/PFC2 you in fact
> hardly see any packets at all on the MSFC's
> interface counters)
> You are saying that you have MLS disabled - have you
> just disabled it on
> this interface with "no mls ip" on the vlan int, or
> globally?
> /leg

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