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Re: [Diffserv] Model - queues

> Dan Grossman wrote:
> 	[..]
> > If we wanted to be inclusive of a non-FIFO data structure, than we could
> > change the name to 'packet buffering structure' or something like that and
> > give FIFO as an example.
> I'm uncomfortable with us heading off into descriptions of how
> the data structures are built to instantiate the queues. How
> about just using "FIFO" as a description of how the queue behaves
> from the perspective of scheduling, then use functional descriptions
> of how the discard might operate. The fact that a push-out discard
> process might imply non-FIFO data structures is, to me, too much
> detail.
> cheers,
> gja
How about first discribing general functions of the buffer management
and packet scheduling and then giving 
head/tail dropper and FIFO/non-FIFO disciplines as examples 
to illustrate the points, leading towards more logical reading.



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