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Re: [Diffserv] Model - queues - replacement text


> I have a very nice two-volume set in my office called "Queueing Systems".
> It's full of math and graphs that describe the dynamics of queues.  There's
> material on priority queueing and queueing disciplines and work conservation
> and loss formulas and.... a lot more than the 20-odd pages on stacks and
> queues in my (nondescript) Data Structures reference text.
> I think that if I'm stretching the definition of a queue, others have gotten
> there first. :-)

I suspect the books talk about the behaviors of queuing systems,
with "systems" implied and thereby including the components that

(Interesting side-note, the term "queue" is used in non-technical
circles to refer to an ordered data store - e.g. people queue up
to board a bus, or to order tickets, or to purchase food... but
I'm aware such usage isn't common in the US, being more of a
british-ism. Perhaps my british-influenced background is demanding
purity here :-)

> > (When I wrote code to hold data elements in a queue, the 'queue'
> > itself never modulated departure of data elements. Why should the
> > defn be changed for routers?)
> >
> I think that this is another case of a word that's gotten overloaded.   And
> the broader context is appropriate here.
> Unless you have another word that would 'drop in'?

"Queuing systems perform three distinct, but related...."


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