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Re: [Diffserv] Query related to implementing diffserv

Thanks Brian for the info.
I just want to know that if I have a dscp code mapping to a strict priority queueing with a MF classifier will suffice a rfc 2474 compliant diffserv.
Im new to this diffserv mailing and sorry for the trouble if Im askin some absurd question.
Pl do throw light on this.
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From: Brian E Carpenter <brian@hursley.ibm.com>
To: R. Vidya <ramvidya@hclt.com>
Cc: diffserv@ietf.org <diffserv@ietf.org>
Date: Monday, December 13, 1999 10:32 PM
Subject: Re: [Diffserv] Query related to implementing diffserv


1. We are working to set up a diffserv implementors' list where this kind of topic
will be the main subject. Here, we develop the standards. However, since that
list does not yet exist...

2. It depends what you mean by minimal. If you are satisfied with the Class Selector
PHBs, all you have to do is implement RFC 2474. In a host, this is a pretty small,
possibly null, change to an existing RFC 791 implementation. If you want to support
the AF or EF PHBs, you also have to implement RFC 2597 and 2598.

3. RSVP and Diffserv can simply co-exist, or they can interwork. For simple
coexistence, you don't have to do anything. For interworking, there are
proposals in the ISSLL working group that have not yet been standardized
(although they have been implemented in at least one operating system).

For all of the above, it is really desirable for the server to support traffic shaping.
It is more or less useless for a server to request QOS (either by using RSVP/IntServ
or Diffserv) without shaping the outgoing traffic stream. Also, of course,
it's useless unless your network infrastructure and ISP support QOS.


> "R. Vidya" wrote:
> Hi,
> Im new to this diffserv.
> I want to implement a minimal diffserv in my server, How do I go abt?
> what are all the minimal stuffs to be done to make the node as DS - compliant?
> If RSVP is also implemented in that server, how do I support diffserv over RSVP?
> It will be great if someone can throw light on these queries. Thanks in advance.
> Thanks
> Vidya

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