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Re: [Diffserv] Model - queues - replacement text

Andrew Smith wrote:
> > structure that remove or examine packets (e.g., for use by
> > discarders), as
> > long as no operation reorder packets belonging to the same microflow.
> [Andrew] Suggest we not get into re-ordering issues here to any granularity
> less than "per-queue": I think it suffices to say here "this does not
> preclude implementions which support operations on the FIFO data structure
> that remove or examine packets e.g. for use by discarders. The only
> constraint on such operations is that they not add packets back into the
> FIFO in a different order."

Well, some months back we had implementors *insisting* on the per-microflow
language rather than per-queue, so that the diffserv model would
be compatible with MF-classifier based ASICs. I think that was for the
specific case of AF, but I suspect the argument is generic.


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