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RE: [Diffserv] QoSSIG BOF


thanks for your honest response, I think this is the right attitude what 
we need for making QoS signaling happen.

> I agree that the current RSVP is complex.
> I would also like to point out that RSVP did not start as complex, but
> ended up there.

I believe that and think the same would happen if all the "QoSsig" funs 
started to melt their stuff for getting The ultimate QoS protocol.
> Over all these years participating in IETF ever since the very first
> meeting, I've seen many best people put in their best effort in dealing
> with Internet problems and developing solutions. However I must admit that
> I have not found this process the right place to produce *simple* protocols.

But does it mean that IETF is not the right place for standardizing QoS 
signaling for IP? 

> For those who want a simple protocol: I am all for it, just that experience
> has shown that setting up a BOF/WG is NOT the way to reach you goal.  My
> personal suggestion would be to lock the door with a few friends till the
> design is finished, then it'd be a better time to run a BOF to convince
> others to go with you.

Many groups from my previous list started with a silent design period 
and made a prototype for verification. I think it is time for synchronizing 
theese works and check where are the limits of QoS signaling and what 
is the cost of different functionality.

I may be super naive but still believe in that IETF can provide a forum for 
discussing a common framework for QoS signaling in future internet and 
reviewing the vigorous alternatives.


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