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Tunnel Trace effort

In early October the IESG discussed a request we received to publish
draft-ietf-mpls-icmp-02.txt as a Proposed Standard RFC.  In the course of
the discussion we decided to see if there might be a generic way to provide
the functions that draft-ietf-mpls-icmp-02.txt did for MPLS-specific
infrastructures.  The IESG requested that a design team be recruited to
develop an Internet Draft listing the requirements for ICMP extensions to
deal with a range of sub-IP networks.

The design team, which operated within the O&M area, has now produced an
Internet Draft (draft-bonica-tunneltrace-00.txt). The IESG thanks Ronald
Bonica, Kireeti Kompella and Dave Myers for their work on the design team.

A new mailing list has been created continue the development of this
requirements document with the aim of publishing an informational RFC that
represents a consensus view.  Anyone who is interested in this topic is
encouraged to join the mailing list and participate in the consensus

The IESG will explore the options for developing specific technologies once
the requirements document has been finalized.

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