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Protocol Action: An anycast prefix for 6to4 relay routers to Proposed Standard

The IESG has approved the Internet-Draft 'An anycast prefix for 6to4
relay routers' <draft-ietf-ngtrans-6to4anycast-03.txt> as a Proposed
Standard.  This document is the product of the Next Generation
Transition Working Group.  The IESG contact persons are Bert Wijnen and
Randy Bush.

Technical Summary
 This document introduces a '6to4 anycast address' in order to simplify
 the configuration of 6to4 routers.  It also defines how this address will
 be used by 6to4 relay routers, and how the corresponding '6to4 anycast
 prefix' will be advertised via the IGP the EGP.  The document documents
 the reservation by IANA of the '6to4 relay anycast prefix' and of a '6to4
 Autonomous System ID.'

Working Group Summary

 This document is supported by the consensus of the ngtrans working group,
 and there were no technical comments during the IETF last call.

Protocol Quality

 This document was reviewed for the IESG by Randy Bush.