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Protocol Action: RSVP Reservations Aggregation to Proposed Standard

The IESG has approved the Internet-Draft 'RSVP  Reservations
Aggregation' <draft-ietf-issll-rsvp-aggr-04.txt> as a Proposed
Standard.  This document is the product of the Integrated Services over
Specific Link Layers Working Group.  The IESG contact persons are
Allison Mankin and Scott Bradner.

Technical Summary
  This document describes the use of a single RSVP reservation to aggregate
  other RSVP reservations across a transit routing region, in a manner
  conceptually similar to the use of Virtual Paths in an ATM network. It
  provides a way to dynamically create the aggregate reservation, classify the
  traffic for which the aggregate reservation applies, determine how much
  bandwidth is needed to achieve the requirement, and recover the bandwidth
  when the sub-reservations are no longer required. It also contains
  recommendations concerning algorithms and policies for predictive

  The document addresses both intra- and inter-domain unicast routes and
  multicast resrevations.

Working Group Summary

  The working group supported progressing this document.

Protocol Quality

  The proposal was reviewed for the IETF by Allison Mankin.