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Protocol Action: Remote Monitoring MIB Extensions for Interface Parameters Monitoring to Proposed Standard

The IESG has approved the Internet-Draft 'Remote Monitoring MIB
Extensions for Interface Parameters Monitoring'
<draft-ietf-rmonmib-iftopn-mib-05.txt> as a Proposed Standard.  This
document is the product of the Remote Network Monitoring Working
Group.  The IESG contact persons are Bert Wijnen and Randy Bush.

Technical Summary
  This memo defines a portion of the Management Information Base
  (MIB) for use with network management protocols in the Internet
  community.  The document proposes an extension to the Remote
  Monitoring MIB [RFC2819] with a method of sorting the interfaces
  of a monitored device according to values of parameters specific
  to this interface.

Working Group Summary

  The working group has reached consensus on this document.

Protocol Quality

  This document has been reviewed for the IESG by Mike Heard and
  by Bert Wijnen