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Protocol Action: Per Hop Behavior Identification Codes to Proposed Standard

The IESG has approved the Internet-Draft 'Per Hop Behavior
Identification Codes' <draft-ietf-diffserv-2836bis-02.txt> as a
Proposed Standard.  This document is the product of the Differentiated
Services Working Group.  The IESG contact persons are Allison Mankin
and Scott Bradner.

Technical Summary
 This proposal updates and replaces RFC 2836.  It defines an encoding
  mechanism for the identification of differentiated services Per Hop
  Behaviors in protocol messages.  It corrects an oversight in that RFC 2836
  did not consider Class Selector code points and adds some clarifications to
  places where RFC 2836 was felt to be unclear.

Working Group Summary

  The proposal was modified during IETF last call to add clarification of
  the one issue that came up.  The working group supported the proposal and
  no objections were raised to the clarification.

Protocol Quality

  This proposal was reviewed for the IESG by Scott Bradner