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51st IETF - OPES WG Agenda

Open Pluggable Edge Services WG (opes)

Tuesday, August 07 at 0900-1130

CHAIRS: Michael Condry <condry@intel.com>
        Markus Hofmann <hofmann@bell-labs.com>,


- Agenda bashing [M. Condry, M. Hofmann, H. Orman]

- Briefing on OPES charter [M. Condry, M. Hofmann]

- Relation to Midcom WG: Cooperation, not
  Competition [M. Shore]

- OPES Workshop Summary [M. Condry]

- Update on documents
  - OPES Scenarios [H. Orman]
  - OPES Models [G. Tomlinson]
  - Policy Requirements [L. Rafalow]
  - Rules Language [M. Hofmann]

- Callout Protocols
  - Technical update on iCAP specification [J. Martin]
  - Thoughts on iCAP and SOAP [C. Maciocco, R. Menon]

- Edge Side Inludes [M. Nottingham]

- PCI Callout Server [R. Penno]

- Report on EMCA/iCAP meeting [R. Menon]