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Protocol Action: BGP OSPF Interaction to Historic Standard

The IESG has approved reclassifting RFC 1403, BGP OSPF Interaction as a
Historic Standard.  The original document was a product of the
Inter-Domain Routing Working Group of the IETF and is currently a
Proposed Standard.

The IESG also approved publication of Request to Move RFC1403 to
Historic Status <draft-meyer-rfc1403-historic-00.txt> as an
Informational RFC.

The IESG Contact persons are Rob Coltun and Abha Ahuja.

Technical Summary
RFC 1403 describes the interaction between BGP and OSPF that were commonly
used at some point in time. These methods are no longer used in practice.
The presence of RFC 1403 as an active RFC has caused some confusion in
the recent past. draft-meyer-rfc1403-historic-00.txt explains
the motivation for moving RFC 1403 to historic.

Working Group Summary

There was no significant dissent for this document action.