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51st IETF - IP over Optical WG (ipo)

IP over Optical WG (ipo)

Wednesday, August 08 at 1530-1730

CHAIRS: Daniel Awduche <awduche@movaz.com>
        James Luciani <james_luciani@mindspring.com>


Intro, Jim Luciani, 5mins

draft-ietf-ipo-ason-00.txt , "Automatic Switched Optical
    Network (ASON) Architecture and Its Related Protocols",
   Osama Aboul-Magd, 10mins

draft-ietf-ipo-carrier-requirements-00.txt , "Carrier Service
    Framework and Requirements",  Yong Xue,  20mins

draft-ietf-ipo-impairments-00.txt,  "Impairments And Other
    Constraints On Optical Layer Routing", Angela Chiu, 15mins

draft-ietf-ipo-framework-00.txt, "IPO Framework",
     Bala Rajagopalan, 10mins

draft-bernstein-optical-bgp-01.txt, "Optical Inter Domain
    Routing Considerations",  Greg Berstein, 20mins

draft-ylee-protection-OCC-00.txt,   "Protection Scheme
    for Optical Channel Concatenation", Young Lee, 10mins

draft-damle-optical-channel-concatenation-00.txt, "Optical
    Channel Concatenation -- Need and Requirements",
    Young Lee, 10mins

draft-dotaro-ipo-multi-granularity-00.txt, "Optical
    Multi-Granularity - Architectural Framework",
    Dimitry Papadimitriou, 15mins

Closing, Dan Awduche, 5mins