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51st IETF - Instant Messaging and Presence Protocol WG (impp)

Instant Messaging and Presence Protocol WG (impp)

Wednesday, August 08 at 1300 - 1500

CHAIRS: Leslie Daigle <leslie@thinkingcat.com>
        Mark Day <markday@cisco.com>


1. Agenda bashing (2 min)
2. Overview of schedule & documents (3 min)
3. Open issues [see summary below](90 min)
 a. SRV format ("The DNS thing")
 b. FETCH with 0 time
 c. CPIM accurate on success vs. refused vs. failure
 d. IM use of message/cpim
 e. Status of draft-sugano-cpim-pidf-00.txt
 f. Role of XMLDSIG and relationship to sugano-cpim-pidf
4. Gatewaying walkthrough report (10 min)
5. Next steps for WG (15 min)