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51st Agenda - Remote Network Monitoring WG (rmonmib)

Remote Network Monitoring WG (rmonmib)

Wednesday, August 08 at 1300-1500
Friday, August 10 at 0900-1130

Chair:  Andy Bierman  <abierman@cisco.com>

Internet Drafts:

(A) draft-ietf-rmonmib-apm-mib-04.txt (*)

(B) draft-ietf-rmonmib-appverbs-02.txt

(C) draft-ietf-rmonmib-dsmon-mib-05.txt

(D) draft-ietf-rmonmib-tpm-mib-02.txt (*)

(E) ftp://ftpeng.cisco.com/ftp/rmonmib/rmon-charter-new-jul01.html

(F) draft-bullard-pcap-01.txt

(G) draft-cole-sspm-03.txt

(H) draft-kalbfleisch-sspmmib-02.txt

(I) draft-quittek-pcap-ext-00.txt

(* = not yet published as of 7/19/01)


Aug 8) Discussion of current chartered drafts

  1) RMON Extensions for Differentiated Services (C)

  2) Application Performance Measurement MIB (A)

  3) Transport Performance Metrics MIB (D)

  4) RMON Extensions for Identifying Application Protocol Verbs (B)

Aug 10) Discussion of charter extension proposal and current
        unchartered drafts and work items

  5) Charter extension proposal (E)

  6) SMON MIB Advancement

  7) RMON Framework

  8) Definition of Managed Objects for Synthetic Sources for

     Performance Monitoring Algorithms. (G) (H)

  9) Remote Packet Capture (F) (I)

 10) VoIP Monitoring Issues