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51st IETF - Content Distribution Internetworking WG (cdi), UPDATED

Content Distribution Internetworking WG (cdi)

Monday, August 06 at 1530-1730

CHAIRS: Mark Day <markday@cisco.com>
        Phil Rzewski <philr@inktomi.com>


Problem to be solved:

There are a number of Content Networks (CNs) deployed and/or planned,
including Content Distribution Networks (CDNs) and cache clusters.
Consistent with the general history of internetworking, people are
starting to think about ways to interconnect these different CNs, and
talking about "peering at the content level", "CDN peering," or "content
peering." Regardless of name, the goal is to allow different CNs --
implemented using differing technology or under different administrative
domains -- to cooperate with each other, forming a larger "virtual CN."

Background of proposed solution:

At the first CDI BOF in San Diego (December 12, 2000), rough consensus
was formed around the statement of the problem and need to work toward
creation of protocols to provide a solution. Since that BOF, the group
has continued its original focus of considering the problem in terms
of the three component systems of a Content Network: request-routing,
distribution, and accounting. The proposed approach to CN interoperation
has been to support the transfer of information between the corresponding
systems of two peered networks.

There are 4 internet-drafts of a "background" nature, which are older than
the other drafts. We will discuss whether these drafts can proceed to a
working group last call.

-- An introduction to the problem area and proposed vocabulary:

-- Some scenarios of use:

-- A description of a proposed architecture for interoperation:

-- Known mechanisms for request-routing

There are 3 internet-drafts of a "requirements" nature.  We will likewise
discuss whether these drafts can proceed to a working group last call.

-- Request-routing requirements for CDI

-- Distribution requirements for CDI

-- Authentication/Authorization/Accounting requirements for CDI

We also anticipate that there may be one or more new internet-drafts
representing concrete proposals meeting some or all of the draft
requirements. If so, we will take some of the time for short presentations
of those proposals.


* Agenda bashing
* Summary of charter / group activity since prior BOF
* Summary & discussion of "background" drafts
* Summary & discussion of "requirements" drafts
* Summary & discussion of protocol proposals