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51st IETF - Policy Framework WG (policy), UPDATED

Policy Framework WG (policy)

Monday, August 06 at 1300-1500
Thursday, August 09 at 1530-1730

CHAIRS: Joel Halpern <joel@longsys.com>
        Ed Ellesson <eellesson@lboard.com>


Session 1:
1) Agenda Bash -- Ed Ellesson, 10 min
2) Status Review -- Joel Halpern, 10 Min
3) Policy Core Information Model Extensions (PCIMe) --
        draft-ietf-policy-pcim-ext-02.txt, 70 minutes
        Bob Moore
  - Issues related to IPHeaderFilter
  - The "Do Until Failure" ExecutionStrategy
  - Questions related to PolicyExplicitVariables
  - Issues related to compounding PolicyConditions
  - Evaluation and execution order
  - Criticality of extended conditions and actions
  - Criteria for compliance to PCIMe

4) Information Model for Describing Network Device QoS Mechanisms (QDDIM) --
ftp://ftp.networking.ibm.com/pub/standards/aiw/misc/draft-ietf-policy-qos-de vice-info-mod
        Bob Moore, John Strassner, Walter Weiss, 30 minutes

Session 2:
1) Policy Core LDAP Schema (PCLS) --
    John Strassner, 1 hour
  - review the resolution of comments from AD requested review
  - discuss issues (if any) raised by IESG prior to IETF last call
2) Policy Framework QoS Information Model  (QPIM) --
    Yoram Ramberg, Yoram Snir, Ron Cohen, John Strassner
    50 minutes
3) Summary -- Ed Ellesson, 10 min

The chairs recognize that two of these four documents are not available from the internet
drafts directory, and aplogize for the problems that caused this and the difficulties it c
auses participants.