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51st IETF - Kerberos WG (krb-wg)

Kerberos WG  (krb-wg)

Wednesday, August 08 at 1530-1730

CHAIR: Doug Engert <deengert@anl.gov>


        Doug Engert - 5 min

  Kerberos revisions
        Cliff Neliff Neuman, Ken Rae
        draft-ietf-cat-kerberos-revisions-09.txt (not yet announced, but see
        http://www.isi.edu/people/bcn/krb-revisions/ )
        The main objective of the working group is to move this draft forward
        to last call. There have been rewrites of new sections, and most of the
        referral and name canonicalization has been moved to a separate draft.
        This should allow us to get close to a WG last call.

  Channel Bindings, NAT and VPN
        What should be done in Kerberos, with the channel binding, now that
        they no longer reflect reality.

  Discussion on protecting the initial as-rep
       John Brezak

  Generating KDC Referrals to locate Kerberos realms
        John Brezak
        This renamed draft now contains most of the referral and name canonicalization.
        This will allow us to discuss the merits without holding up the Revisions.

  AES and Kerberos
        Ken Raeburn

        Brian Tung
        We had started a last call, but there where some comments. A
        new revision of the draft has been posted. If all goes well, we can start
        WG last call after the meeting.

  KDC LDAP schema
       Donna Skibbie
       This is an update on the work being done. The draft just
       missed the cutoff.

Passwordless Initial Authentication to Kerberos by Hardware Preauthentication
       Matt Crawford
       New draft.


The prime goal of the working group is to get Kerberos Revisions to last call,
as most of the other documents depend on this.  I would like to ask all working group
members to read at least the Revisions before the meeting.