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51st IETF - Reliable Multicast Transport WG (rmt)

Reliable Multicast Transport WG (rmt)

Monday, August 06 at 1930-2200
Tuesday, August 07 at 1415-1515

CHAIRS: Allison Mankin <mankin@isi.edu>
        Roger Kermode <ark008@email.mot.com>
        L Vicisano <lorenzo@cisco.com>


- updates on GRA work          Tony Speakman    20 mins
- LCT BB update                Mike Luby        10 mins
- ALC PI update                Mike Luby        10 mins
- discussion on RCCP PI        Mike Luby        15 mins
   (a) Present draft outline
   (b) Is this type of document within the scope of RMT?
   (c) Feedback on the draft if it is.
- discussion on CC BBs         Mike Luby        15 mins
   (a) Are we moving this towards experimental now instead of standards?
   (b) What are the processes for getting approval, i.e., what experiements
- FEC BB update                Lorenzo Vicisano 10 mins
   (a) General updates
   (b) Issue on "Object Length" packet field
- NORM BB and PI updates       Brian Adamson    10 mins
- general purpose NACK format  Brian Adamson    20 mins
- TRACK PI update              Brian Whetten    10 mins