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51st IETF - IP Performance Metrics WG (ippm), UPDATED

IP Performance Metrics WG (ippm)

Tuesday, August 07 at 1300-1400

CHAIRS: Merike Kaeo <kaeo@merike.com>
        Matt Zekauskas <matt@advanced.org>


Agenda bashing (<= 5 min)

Small case-study on advancing metrics through the IETF standards process;
comparing RIPE-NCC and Surveyor data as per the I-D (10 min)
  -- Matt Zekauskas
in particular section 5 on page 4 comparing two methods.

One-way Active Measurements Protocol Requirements (20 min)
 --Merike Kaeo or Matt Z in proxy for Ben Teitelbaum & Stanislav Shalunov
see also

Measuring Packet Reordering (15 min)
  --Dale Pullin, California Institute of Technology
See the definition in section 3.3, and use in section 4.2.3 and 4.2.4
this talk will present a different technique which we might
standardize independently.

Discussion on potential new work (5 min).
   --Matt & Merike