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51st IETF - Mobile Ad-hoc Networks WG (manet)

Mobile Ad-hoc Networks WG (manet)

Monday, August 06 at 0900-1130

CHAIRS: Joseph Macker <macker@itd.nrl.navy.mil>
        Scott Corson <corson@flarion.com>


-- Updates to Core OLSR, T. Clausen (U. of Aalberg)
-- Updates to TBRPF, R. Ogier (SRI)
-- DSR Performance results with Flow State, Y. Hu (Rice)

-- ZeroConf and Manet Issues, E. Guttman (Sun)
-- Stateless address autoconfiguration in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks using
site-local address(draft-park-zeroconf-manet-ipv6-00.txt), J. Park (ETRI)
-- General WG discussion of manet addressing

Unidirectional Links
-- Unidirectional link support draft -- T. Clausen  (U. of Aalberg)
-- General WG discussion of manet unidirectional link support

-- MANET TCP Performance via ns2 simulation -- T. Clausen  (U. of Aalberg)

-- OLSR Multicast draft -- T. Clausen  (U. of Aalberg)
-- ADMR Multicast draft -- D. Johnson (Rice)
-- General WG discussion of multicast status