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51st IETF - Public-Key Infrastructure (X.509) WG (pkix-wg)

Public-Key Infrastructure (X.509) WG (pkix-wg)

MONDAY, August 6 at 1530-1730

CHAIRS: Stephen Kent <kent@bbn.com>
        Tim Polk <tim.polk@nist.gov>


Document Status Review Tim Polk (NIST)
      The working group has twenty six current Internet-Drafts.  A number
      of documents are in various stages of Last Call.  Several others
      are ready for Last Call. (5 min.)

Progressing Proposed Standards to Draft Standards - various
      The working group has ten standards track RFCs.  All are Proposed
      Standards.  Ongoing interoperability testing may support progression
      of some specifications to Draft Standard in the near future.  (5 min.)

New Specifications

   Logotypes draft - Stefan Santesson (Addtrust)
      X.509 path validation is an appropriate mechanism for machine
      processing of trust information.  This draft proposes supplemental
      mechanisms designed to establishing a corresponding human trust. (5 min.)

   Supplemental Public Key Algorithms - Ari Singer (Ntru)
      A personal internet draft has been submitted defining support for the
      NTRU algorithms in PKIX certificates.  This draft will be augmented
      with additional information required to support the new SHA-256,
      SHA-384, and SHA-512 hash algorithms in the Internet PKI and be
      submitted as a new PKIX draft. (5 min.)

Possible new Specifications

   PKI Disaster Planning and Recovery. Denis Pinkas. Integris (5 min.)

   New Certificate and CRL extensions - Tim Polk (NIST)
      Several new extensions have been proposed during the last year, but
      were not included in son-of-2459.  It *may* be appropriate to start
      a new draft that defines these extensions for use in the Internet
      PKI.  (5 min.)

Ongoing Specifications - various (40 min.)
      The working group has several active specifications addressing delegated
      path validation, LDAP V3 extensions, naming attributes, and proxy
      certificates.  Editors will update status and highlight open issues.

ETSI Standards Update - Denis Pinkas (Integris) and John Ross (Security &
      Standards)  20 min.

      ETSI (the European Telecommunications Standards Institute) is actively
      working on several PKIX related standardization efforts, including:

           * Security Management and Policy Requirements for CSPs issuing
             Time Stamps. Denis Pinkas

           * Security Management and policy requirements for CSPs issuing other
             than Qualified Certificates. Denis Pinkas

           * Electronic signature syntax and encoding formats in XML. John Ross

           * Technical aspects of signature policies. John Ross.

           * Harmonised provision of status information on CSPs issuing qualified
             certificates. John Ross.