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2001 IAB/IESG Nominations Committee chair

One of the roles of the ISOC President is to appoint the IAB/IESG 
Nominations Committee chair.    This has been done after consultation with 
the ISOC VP of Standards, and the IETF and IAB Chairs and we are pleased to 
announce that Theodore Ts'o has agreed to serve as the 2001 IAB/IESG 
Nominations Committee chair.  Theodore can be reached at tytso@mit.edu

This is, as always, an ambitious undertaking and it is the responsibility 
of the IETF community to assist as much as possible throughout the process.

A Call for Nominations for this committee will soon be sent to the IETF 
Announcement list.  Persons who have attended at least 2 IETF meetings are 
eligible to serve and the list of volunteers will be formally qualified 
using the IETF Secretariat attendance records.  The nominations committee 
will then be formed from a randomly selected subset of the volunteers so 

Also, a list of the IESG positions to be filled and the IAB positions to be 
reconsidered will be published shortly.  Please give serious consideration 
to possible candidates for these posts and make your suggestions known to 
Theodore, who will share them with the committee.

Thank you in advance for your support and thank you to Theodore for 
agreeing to take on this responsibility.

Lynn St. Amour
The Internet Society