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52nd IETF - Intrusion Detection Exchange Format WG (idwg)

Intrusion Detection Exchange Format WG (idwg)

Thursday, December 13 at 1300-1500

CHAIRS: Mike Erlinger <mike@cs.hmc.edu>
        Stuart Staniford <stuart@SiliconDefense.com>


 5 minutes    Opening Remarks  and Agenda Bashing... Mike Erlinger

 5 minutes    Status of Documents  Mike Erlinger
                 IDXP - forwarded for Proposed RFC
                 Tunnel - forwarded for Proposed RFC
                 IDMEF  - Last Call comment Eval
                 Req    - new version 1 January

15 minutes    Discussion and Consensus Reaching on any open issues
              from IDMEF Last Call  Stuart Staniford

 5 minutes    Status of Working Group after Last Call Completion
                Stuart Staniford
                 Idle for new work while waiting for IESG Action
                 Group Should be looking at Implementations and
                    discussing IESG concerns (if any)

20 minutes    Open Discussion of Future Direction of Working Group
                 Possible Directions:
                 Anomaly Messages

 5 minutes    Closing Remarks   Chairs