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[Sip] Last Call: SIP: Session Initiation Protocol to ProposedStandard

The IESG has received a request from the Session Initiation Protocol
Working Group and the Multiparty Multimedia Session Control Working
Group to consider publication of the following Internet-Drafts as
Proposed Standards:

 o SIP: Session Initiation Protocol

 o Reliability of Provisional Responses in SIP 

 o SIP: Locating SIP Servers

 o SIP-Specific Event Notification

 o An Offer/Answer Model with SDP

The IESG plans to make a decision in the next few weeks, and solicits
final comments on this action.  Please send any comments to the
iesg@ietf.org or ietf@ietf.org mailing lists by March 8, 2002.

Files can be obtained via

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