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53rd IETF - S/MIME Mail Security WG (smime)

S/MIME Mail Security WG (smime)

Tuesday, March 19 at 0900-1130

CHAIR:  Russ Housley <rhousley@rsasecurity.com>


Introductions                           Russ Housley
Working Group Status                    Russ Housley
CMSbis Status                           Russ Housley
MSGbis & CERTbis Status                 Blake Ramsdell
X400wrap & X400transport Status         Chris Bonatti
Interoperability Matrix Update          Jim Schaad
CMS and ESS Examples Update             Paul Hoffman
Key Encapsulation                       Russ Housley
AES and RSA-OAEP Update                 Jim Schaad
Wrap up                                 Russ Housley