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Protocol Action: The OSPF NSSA Option to Proposed Standard

The IESG has approved the Internet-Draft 'The OSPF NSSA Option'
<draft-ietf-ospf-nssa-update-11.txt> as a Proposed Standard, obsoleting
RFC1587.  This document is the product of the Open Shortest Path First
IGP Working Group.

The IESG contact persons are Bill Fenner and Randy Bush.

Technical Summary
  An OSPF Not-So-Stubby Area (NSSA) is similar to an OSPF Stub Area,
  in that it does not import all routes from the OSPF Backbone Area.
  The NSSA also has a limited ability to import and transit AS external
  routes and inject them into the Backbone Area.

  The NSSA Option was originally defined in RFC 1587. This document
  updates RFC 1587 with OSPFv2 RFC 2328, closes some of its loose points,
  and specifies additional capabilities for the NSSA Option. It is
  backwards compatible with implementations of the earlier specification.
Working Group Summary
  This document has working group consensus and no issues were raised
  during IETF last-call.

Protocol Quality
  This specification was reviewed for the IESG by Bill Fenner.