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Protocol Action: Content Language Headers to Draft Standard

The IESG has approved the Internet-Draft 'Content Language Headers'
<draft-alvestrand-content-language-03.txt> as a Draft Standard. This
document, along with RFC3066, obsoletes RFC1766.

This document has been reviewed in the IETF but is not the product of
an IETF Working Group. The IESG contact persons are Ned Freed and
Patrik Faltstrom.

Technical Summary
This document defines a "Content-language:" header, for use in the case
where one desires to indicate the language of something that has RFC-
822-like headers, like MIME body parts or Web documents, and an
"Accept-Language:" header for use in the case where one wishes to
indicate one's preferences with regard to languages.

Working Group Summary

This document is a new version of RFC 1766. The chang is that this
document specify the header, while the language tag itself is (already)
defined in RFC 3066. It is not the product of a working group, but the
document have been reviewed by the mailing list
ietf-languages@alvestrand.no which is where language specific issues
are discussed in the IETF and ietf-languages@iana.org.

Protocol Quality

The spec was reviewed for the IESG by Patrik Faltstrom.

Note to RFC Editor:

1. Unfortunately, the formatting of the document is not optimal. Because
   of this, there are some errors in the ABNF. We ask the RFC-Editor to
   be careful during the formatting of this document, and that you ask
   the author to check carefully during the 48hr call to verify the

2. Please remove the following comment on page 4:

   (Note that RFC-822 EBNF rather than ABNF is used here, in order to
    ensure that the syntax is identical with that specified in [RFC 2616]).