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53rd IETF - Securely Available Credentials WG (sacred)

Securely Available Credentials WG (sacred)

Monday, March 18 at 1300-1500

CHAIRS: Stephen Farrell <stephen.farrell@baltimore.ie>
        Magnus Nystrom <magnus@rsasecurity.com>


1. Introduction, Agenda walkthrough,
   Working Group Status                 ( 5 min) Magnus Nystr?m
2. Framework Draft discussion           (20 min) Dale Gustafsson
3. Protocol Draft update and discussion
   of open issues (see Stephen's recent          (Stand-in for)
   posting)                             (40 min) Stephen Farrell
4. Updated WG milestones                (10 min) Magnus Nystr?m
5. AOB                                  (20 min)
6. Wrap up                              ( 5 min) Magnus Nystr?m

Should anyone wish to present something under item 5, please get in touch asap.