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53rd IETF - Open Pluggable Edge Services WG

Open Pluggable Edge Services WG (opes)

Wednesday, March 20 at 1300-1500

CHAIR: Markus Hofmann <hofmann@bell-labs.com>

  - Introduction, minutes taker, blue sheets
  - Agenda bashing
  - Charter walk-through
  - Discussion of workplan, milestones, and how we want to get there.
  - Disussion on the end-to-end integrity and encryption compatibility
    issue for proposal to the ADs.
  - Discussion of next WG documents
      - Scenario document
      - Architecture document
      - Callout protocol/tracing requirements
      - Endpoint authorization and enforcement document
      - Threat/risk model document

  Related Internet Drafts (non-WG drafts)
  - draft-barbir-opes-vpcn-00.txt
  - draft-dracinschi-opes-callout-requirements-00.txt
  - draft-elson-icap-00.txt (expired)
  - draft-mchenry-opes-deployment-scenarios-00.txt (expired)
  - draft-rafalow-opes-policy-requirements-00.txt (expired)
  - draft-tomlinson-opes-model-01.txt