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53rd IETF - Multiprotocol Label Switching WG (mpls)

Multiprotocol Label Switching WG (mpls)

Tuesday March 19 at 0900-1130

CHAIRS: Loa Andersson <loa.andersson@utfors.se>
        George Swallow <swallow@cisco.com>


Agenda bashing                                           10 min

Loa and Bob:
LDP to draft - status                                    10 min

K Kompella:
"Detecting Data Plane Liveliness in RSVP-TE"
<draft-pan-lsp-ping-02.txt>                              10 min

Adrian Farrel
Report on the FT/Graceful restart LDP - work             10 min

Ping Pan
"Fast Reroute Extensions to RSVP-TE for LSP Tunnels"      5 min

Der-Hwa Gan
"Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) Traffic
 Engineering Management Information Base
 for Fast Reroute"
<draft-cetin-mpls-fastreroute-mib-00.txt>                15 min

Der-Hwa Gan
"Backup Record Route for Fast Reroute Techniques
 in RSVP-TE"
<draft-decnodder-mpls-ero-rro-fastreroute-00.txt>        10 min

JL le Roux:
"A method for an Optimized Online Placement of
 MPLS Bypass Tunnels"
<draft-leroux-mpls-bypass-placement-00.txt>              15 min

YT Wang:
"A Packet 1+1 Path Protection Service for MPLS Networks"
<draft-nagarajan-ccamp-mpls-packet-protection-00.txt>    15 min

Sven van den Bosch:
"LSP Hierarchy with MPLS TE"
<draft-vandenbosch-mpls-fa-considerations-00.txt>        10 min

H Hummel:
"Hierarchical LSP"
<draft-hummel-mpls-hierarchical-lsp-00.txt>              10 min

H Ishibashi:
<draft-ishii-rsvp-te-ipv4-ipv6-extension-00.txt>         10 min

WG and document status, Questions                      10 min

End of meeting