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53rd IETF - IP Version 6 Working Group WG (ipv6)

IP Version 6 Working Group WG (ipv6)

Monday, March 18 at 1930-2200
Thursday, March 21 at 0900-1130

        Bob Hinden <hinden@iprg.nokia.com>
        Steve Deering <deering@cisco.com>


Monday, March 18, 2002, 1930-2200

Introduction, Steve Deering, 5 min.

Review Agenda, Steve Deering, 5 min.

Document Status, Bob Hinden, 15 min.

Moving IPv6 Documents to Draft Standard, Margaret Wasserman, 30 min.

IPv6 Node Requirements, John Loughney, 10 min.

Default Address Selection for IPv6, Rich Draves, 0 min.

Default Router Preferences and More-Specific Routes, Rich Draves, 15 min.

DNS Discovery Update, Dave Thaler, 15 min.

IPv6 Node Requirements, John Loughney, 5 min.

Minimum IPv6 Functionality for a Cellular Host, Hesham Soliman, 30 min.

Minimum Requirements of IPv6 for Low Cost Network Appliances, Atsushi
Inoue, 10 min.

Thursday, March 21, 2002, 0900-1130

Prefix Delegation Intro, Steve Deering, 10 min.
   Automatic Prefix Delegation Protocol for IPV6, Brian Haberman , 10 min.
   DHCPv6 Prefix Delegation, Ralph Droms, 10 min.
   IPv6 Router Advertisement Prefix Delegation Option, Nathan Lutchansky,
   10 min.
   Prefix Delegation Discussion, Steve Deering, 15 min.

IPv6 Flow Label Specification, Jarno Rajahalme, 45 min.

Reserving bits in RFC 2473 Interface IDs?, Erik Nordmark, 20 min.

Make IMEI-based universal IPv6 interface IDs a w.g. Draft?, Francis
Dupont, 5 min.

Scoped Address Architecture Update, Tatuya Jinmei, 10 min.