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Proposal for an interim IPCDN working group meeting

   IP over Cable Data Network WG (IPCDN) Interim Meeting 

   The IPCDN WG is holding an interim meeting on February 13, 2003. 
   This meeting is scheduled the day after the CableLabs Winter
   Conference, which is being held in Broomfield, Colorado.

   Time: Thursday, February 13, 2003 at 0900 - 1500

               Comcast Westminster Labs
               10355 Westmoor Drive
               Westminster, Colorado

   Potential alternate location:
               Cable Television Laboratories
               400 Centennial Parkway
               Louisville, Colorado

   Co-chairs: Richard Woundy <richard_woundy@cable.comcast.com>
                         Jean-Francois Mule <jfm@cablelabs.com>
   Internet Area Advisor: Thomas Narten <narten@us.ibm.com>


   A formal meeting agenda will be sent out in late January.

   The intent of this interim meeting is to collect review comments
   for the DOCSIS, PacketCable, and CableHome MIBs, which are listed
   at http://www.ipcdn.org/ipcdn-ids.html.

   - The DOCSIS MIBs for Subscriber Management and Application of
       the IGMP MIB are in AD review, and are not the primary focus
       of the interim meeting.
   - The remaining DOCSIS MIBs are expected to be refreshed by
       January 20th in preparation for WG last-call, and are the
       primary focus of the meeting.
   - The PacketCable MIBs are in preparation for WG last-call by
       the March IETF meeting in San Francisco.
   - The CableHome MIBs are being refreshed as individual draft
       submissions with new authors, in preparation for acceptance
       as WG action items.

   Location of Nearby Hotel and Meeting

   The CableLabs Winter Conference is being held at this hotel:

     The Omni Interlocken Resort
     Broomfield, Colorado
     Phone: +1 303-438-6600
     The "CableLabs" rate for the conference is $129 per night.

   More information about the CableLabs conference can be found at

   The interim WG meeting is scheduled at a Comcast facility in a
   neighboring community (Westminster). The alternate meeting
   location is the CableLabs facility in another neighboring
   community (Louisville).

   Meeting participants must register with the IPCDN co-chairs by
   Friday February 9th, by email to the chairs, or via a
   registration form on http://www.ipcdn.org (soon to be set up).

   We anticipate that wired connectivity will be provided.

   Mailing List

   General Discussion: <ipcdn@ietf.org>
   To Subscribe: http://www.ietf.org/mailman/listinfo/ipcdn 
   Archive: ftp://ftp.ietf.org/ietf-mail-archive/ipcdn