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WG Action: Evolution of SNMP Working Group (eos) to conclude

The Evolution of SNMP Working Group (eos) in the Operations and Management Area
of the IETF has concluded.

The IESG contact persons are Randy Bush and  Bert Wijnen.


The EoS WG has been closed. The WG could not get to consensus
 on the set of 5 small work-items and even today, more than
 2 years after being chartered, there seems to be no consensus
 and/or wide community support to drive to conclusion on any
 work item. 

 Below is some history.

 - Chartered in Feb 2001
     In Feb 2001, the Evolution Of SNMP (EOS) WG was created to
     try and address 5 pretty small SNMP shortcomings.
     The Goals and Milestones were set agressively by the ADs
     and the WG chairs, but they were thought to be realistic.

 - Supposed to be finished by Oct 2001
     The WG was supposed to finish their work by October 2001
     and we would then try to decide if a re-charter made sense.

 - Activity during April-July 2001
     Various WG internet-drafts appeared during these months.
     But the WG was not able to converge and reach consensus on
     the solutions for the SNMP problems that it set out to address.

 - In mid 2002 there was some renewed activity... with complete new
     individual internet-drafts that the WG considered.

 - Before the fall 2002 IETF there was one new proposal on the table
                                 Object Oriented Protocol Operations for
                                 the Simple Network Management Protocol
     For which the current document name is: draft-ietf-eos-oops-00.txt

 - At the fall 2002 IETF, the WG was warned that consensus and progress
     (and willingness to work on specs and implementations) was needed
     in order for the WG to survive.

 - But this new work item has been lingering around for too many
     months as well, and there does not seem enough community consensus
     and support to put enough effort into it. 

 - So the WG is being closed and the people working on the
     draft-ietf-eos-oops-00.txt can continue to do so as individuals 
     if they want to pursue it further. The WG mailing list will be
     kept around for a while and can be used for further discussions.

 Bert Wijnen
 co-AD for the IETF Operations and Management Area