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Document Action: An Overview of Source-Specific Multicast(SSM) Deployment to Informational

The IESG has approved the Internet-Draft 'An Overview of Source-Specific 
Multicast(SSM) Deployment' <draft-ietf-ssm-overview-05.txt> as an 
Informational RFC.  This document is the product of the Source-Specific 
Multicast Working Group.  The IESG contact persons are Bill Fenner and 
Alex Zinin.
9 authors is kinda over the guidelines otherwise a useful document

RFC Editor Note:

Replace the author list with:

                                                                  Supratik Bhattacharyya (Editor)

Section 6.1, para 1, line 4:

    policies being proposed [20], which recommends ...
    policies being proposed [9], which recommends ...

Section 6.4, para 1, line 6:

    provided by IGMP version 3 [3] and MLD version 2 [22]. These
    provided by IGMP version 3 [3] and MLD version 2 [20]. These

Section 7, para 2, line 4:

    [20] states ...

    [9] states ...

Section 9. Acknowledgments

  ADD right after the section name:

      Christophe Diot, Leonard Giuliano, Rob Rockell, John Meylor,
      David Meyer, Greg Shepherd, and Brian Haberman were the major
      contributors to the document.

Section 10

  Change section name to "Informative References"

Section 12. Author information:

  Leave only info for Supratik.

  Put information about others in a new section called "13. Contributors"