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Protocol Action: DNS Extensions to support IP version 6 to Draft Standard

The IESG has approved the Internet-Draft 'DNS Extensions to support IP 
version 6' <draft-ietf-dnsext-rfc1886bis-03.txt> as a Draft Standard. This 
document is the product of the DNS Extensions Working Group. The IESG 
contact persons are Thomas Narten and Erik Nordmark 

Technical Summary
   This document defines the changes that need to be made to the Domain
   Name System to support hosts running IP version 6 (IPv6).  The
   changes include a resource record type to store an IPv6 address,
   a domain to support lookups based on an IPv6 address, and updated
   definitions of existing query types that return Internet addresses as
   part of additional section processing.  The extensions are designed
   to be compatible with existing applications and, in particular, DNS
   implementations themselves.

   This Document combines RFC1886 and changes to RFC 1886 made by
   RFC 3152, obsoleting both. Changes mainly consist in replacing 
   the IP6.INT domain by IP6.ARPA as defined in RFC 3152. 
Working Group Summary
  There was WG consensus to advance this document.
Protocol Quality
   The specification has been reviewed for the IESG by Erik Nordmark.

Submitted Implementation Report can be viewed at

RFC Editor note:

In the Abstract please change:
s/Domain Name System/Domain Name System (DNS)/
s/RFC1886/RFC 1886/

Please add this at the end of the Introduction section:
        The IP protocol version used for querying resource records is
        independent of the protocol version of the resource records; e.g.
        IPv4 transport can be used to query IPv6 records and vice versa.