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WG Review: Recharter of IP over Cable Data Network (ipcdn)

A modified charter has been submitted for the IP over Cable
Data Network (ipcdn) working group in the Internet Area of
the IETF.  As part of the rechartering process, the working
group will be moved from the INT area to the OPS area.  The
IESG has not made any determination as yet. The following
description was submitted, and is provided for informational
purposes only.

IP over Cable Data Network (ipcdn)
Current Status: Active Working Group

Description of Working Group:

The IETF IPCDN Working Group develops and standardizes MIBs
for IP-capable data-over-cable systems, for example cable
modems, multimedia terminal adapters and associated cable-data
equipment in a cable headend. These MIBs cover not only cable
data interfaces, but also management of cable-data equipment
and systems.

The WG mailing list may be used for discussion of Internet-related
issues in data-over-cable equipment and systems. In the event of a
particular new Internet technology issue arising in the cable-data
context, the WG will identify whether that is best handled within
the IETF or is best handled by another standards body. In the event
that new IETF MIB work, the WG chairs can discuss additional WG
work items with the AD. Such additions will have to go through
normal re-charter process. If non-MIB work gets identified, such
items are not normal work items for this IPCDN-MIB WG and must
go through normal IETF new WG chartering process.

Standardization of MIBs for DOCSIS, PacketCable and CableHome systems
are explicitly within the scope of the IPCDN Working Group.

The IPCDN WG will also keep informed on what other groups in the
industry are doing as it relates to the efforts of this working

The WG will align its specifications with IPv6 and SNMP STD.