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NETCONF Interim Announcement (updated with hotel info)

 The NETCONF WG will conduct an interim meeting to make progress
 on all aspects of the NETCONF protocol and transport mappings.
 (Detailed agenda TBD.)

 Location: Juniper Networks (Building 1)
                       1194 N. Mathilda Ave
                       Sunnyvale, CA 94089

 Dates: September 8, 2003 9am - 6pm
                       September 9, 2003 9am - 6pm
                       September 10, 2003 9am - 12 noon

 Airports: San Jose (SJC)
                       San Francisco (SFO)

 Hotels: Note that these are only suggestions. There is no
                       official hotel for this meeting.

                       Sheraton Sunnyvale Hotel (0.4 miles away)
                       1100 N. Mathilda Ave. 
                       Sunnyvale, CA 94089 

                       Larkspur Landing Sunnyvale (1.1 miles away)
                       748 N. Mathilda Avenue
                       Sunnyvale, CA 98085

                       Hilton Santa Clara (3.5 miles away)
                       4949 Great America Parkway
                       Santa Clara, CA 95054


                       Four Points Sheraton Sunnyvale (3.5 miles away)
                       1250 Lakeside Drive
                       Sunnyvale, CA 94085

 Please RSVP to the WG Chairs ASAP (<abierman@cisco.com> and
 <simon@switch.ch>) if you plan to attend. This information
 is needed to determine the required meeting room size.