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Review of proposal: Education team - EXTENDED TIME

 Due to an internal error, the review message below got posted unreasonably
 close to the deadline for comments.
 The IESG has decided to postpone final approval of the charter, and
 will be able to consider comments sent up to November 19 (the day before 
 the next IESG telechat).

 The call for comments is reproduced below. Thank you!

                       Harald Alvestrand, for the IESG.
 The IESG is considering creation of a formalized "education team" to manage
 the IETF education efforts, which have so far been managed informally.
 This is a new type of entity in the IETF, and community feedback is
 therefore sought both on the specific charter and on the concept of having
 "teams" with documented charters as part of the IETF's activities.

 Please respond to the IESG (iesg@ietf.org) no later than October 29.
 Note: The mailing lists mentioned in the charter are already operational.
 Feel free to subscribe, contribute or browse their archives.

 ---------- Team charter ----------

 Education Team Charter

 [Draft Version: 05]


 The education team manages the internal education efforts of the IETF,
 primarily focused on role and process education for IETF participants
 and leaders.


 This effort is managed by a core education team, consisting of a team
 leader and several members. The team leader is appointed by the
 General Area Director, and the members of the team are chosen by the
 team leader, with the approval of the General Area Director.

 In order to allow for community visibility and input into our
 educational activities:

   - The education team will maintain a web site linked to from
     the IETF web pages, which will include the latest educational
     infromation and materials.
   - The web site will also include:
           > The members of the education team.
           > A detailed action plan describing the plans and
             schedule for education team activities.
           > Minutes from all education team meetings.
   - The archives of the education team mailing list will be publicly
     available, and accessible from the web site.
   - The education team will hold occasional open meetings at IETF
     meetings (approximately one per year) to receive community input
     and feedback.
   - A public discussion mailing list will be maintained, for open
     discussion of our internal education efforts.


 The education team is responsible for maintaining and enhancing our
 current education efforts, including:

                 - Newcomer's training
                 - Security tutorial
                 - Introductory WG Chairs training
                 - Ongoing WG Chairs training (topical)
                 - Sessions for ongoing participants (topical)

 This includes scheduling and logistical planning for these sessions,
 deciding what will be presented by whom at topical sessions, managing
 the development and review of training materials, and maintaining an
 archive of the training materials and session minutes on the education
 team web site.

 In addition to formal training sessions, this group may consider
 other approaches to meeting our educational goals, such as
 mentoring/buddy programs, web-based training tutorials, and/or the
 publication of educational documents as Informational RFCs.

 FUTURE PLANS (Sept 2003-Sept 2004):

 Over the next year, we will enhance and extend our current training
 activities for participants and WG chairs, based on community
 feedback and the judgement of the education team.

 We will add a training session for current and aspiring document

 We will also undertake educational efforts to help more non-North
 Americans to be effective in the IETF. This is likely to include
 education for North Americans regarding ways to make our meetings more
 accessible to non-native English speakers, as well as new and/or
 translated training sessions or educational resources for non-North
 American participants.


 Team Leader:
 Margaret Wasserman <margaret.wasserman@nokia.com>

 General Area Director:
 Harald Alvestrand <harald@alvestrand.no>

 Mailing Lists:

 Education Team: edu-team@ietf.org
 Archive: https://www.ietf.org/mailman/listinfo/edu-team

 General Discussion: edu-discuss@ietf.org
 Subscribe/Archive: https://www.ietf.org/mailman/listinfo/edu-discuss