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Impending Publication: draft-iab-research-funding-02.txt

 IAB Concerns and Recommendations Regarding Internet Research and Evolution


 as an Informational RFC. Apart from outlining some of the history
 of funding of Internet research, the document outlines several
 important areas of Internet research in particular need of 
 attention in the present day.

 The IAB solicits comments by December 2, 2003. Please send
 comments to the IAB (iab@iab.org), or to ietf@ietf.org.

 The document can be found at


 From the Abstract

             This document discusses IAB concerns that ongoing research is needed
             to further the evolution of the Internet infrastructure, and that
             consistent, sufficient non-commercial funding is needed to enable
             such research. 

 Leslie Daigle,
 For the IAB.