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Following up plenary discussion: IAB Advisory Committee

 At the IETF58 plenary sessions, on November 12 and 13, there
 was a presentation of the output from the IAB Advisory Committee
 (AdvComm). See 
 for the charter of the AdvComm.

 The first draft of the AdvComm report, incorporating feedback
 received at and following the plenaries, has now been published
 (draft-iab-advcomm-00.txt). Apart from creating a revision
 based on any comments received, this brings the work of the
 IAB Advisory Committee to a close.

 The IAB and IETF Chairs are now tasked with reviewing the
 requirements as outlined by the AdvComm report, soliciting
 input, and putting together a proposal for formalizing the
 IETF administrative structure to the IAB and IESG for advice
 and consent, and then to the IETF community for ratification.

 One message that was heard, loud and clear, at the plenary
 sessions is that the IETF community would like to remain
 informed about the progress of proposals.

 Therefore, the communication plan moving forward is:

         . comments for clarification of draft-iab-advcomm-00.txt should
             go to the AdvComm -- advcomm@ietf.org

         . comments on the substance of moving forward with
             formalizing IETF structure should go to the
             IAB and IESG, or the Chairs directly (see addresses

         . I will endeavour to post monthly updates on our efforts,
             around the middle of each month. If circumstances
             warrant, updates will be more frequent.

         . Anything requiring formal consideration will be written
             up as an Internet-Draft and posted for review.

 This is the plan for now. If and when there are specific
 tasks that can/should be separated out for further discussion,
 we can (and will!) create or target more specific mailing lists.