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WG Action: Conclusion of General Switch Management Protocol (gsmp)

The Conclusion of General Switch Management Protocol (gsmp) 
in the Sub-IP Area has concluded.

The IESG contact persons are Bert Wijnen and Alex Zinin.

The mailing list will remain active.


 The GSMP WG was re-chartered for their current work-items 
 over a year ago, with a reasonably agressive set of milestones.

 Up to now, there has been not much progress on the work that
 the WG was chartered to do. 

 Participation at the f2f meetings and on the WG mailing list 
 has diminished to a point where we can no longer call this 
 a "working group". Even repeated requests for more review and
 participation (both by the WG chairs and the AD) has not 
 resulted in an acceptable level of partcipation.
 There are also work items for which there were/are no designated 
 volunteers for editing/authoring. 

 There for the AD (after consultation with IESG) has decided
 to close down the GSMP Working Group.

 Thanks to those few who DID participate.

 I would also like to encourage the individuals working on the
 various documents to continue to do so and by the time they are
 ready for publication they can be submitted, either as 
 individual submissions via the RFC-Editor or via me if they
 are targeted for standards track.

 The WG mailing list stays open for discussion.

 Bert Wijnen
 AD for the Sub-IP Area