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Re: again: draft-blanchet-ipngwg-testadd-00.txt

At/À 22:41 2001-06-27 +0700, Robert Elz you wrote/vous écriviez:
>It has been almost 2 weeks now since I suggested fe00::/9 as the
>prefix to use in Marc's draft to use for examples in doc and such.
>Aside from having my notational stupidity pointed out, there's been
>no comment at all on that suggestion.
>So, can we take it as accepted that that address block is now reserved
>for this purpose, and Marc can go ahead and send in an updated version
>of his draft using that as the prefix?

- a new draft was issued but the filename was changed with the advice of 
the ngtrans chairs. (draft-blanchet-ngtrans-exampleaddr-00.txt)
- I announced it in ngtrans list two days ago.
- the discussion of this draft is moved to ngtrans. Could anybody please 
_not_ reply to ipng so we will avoid multiple cross-postings. (I kept ipng 
so ipng people can see the answer).
- the suggestion of the ngtrans chairs was to use 3ffe:ffff::/32. I was for 
something else (i.e. 3ffe:ff00::/24), but I loose... ;-))

>The draft would contain an IANA considerations section that requests
>IANA to list that address block as "reserved for use in documentation"
>or similar.

this was already in the first version of the draft and kept. Alain Durand 
told me that he is looking at it (don't know what that means, but I'm 
expecting modifications of the text).


PS. thanks for all comments!

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