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RE: RFC 2553 bind semantics harms the way to AF independence

Erik Nordmark wrote:
> > Actually I suggested it as well, so I wouldn't have a problem with
> > default.  Anyone who wants portable apps would just always set the
> > option, no problem.
> The benefit of changing the default would be that applications using
> getaddrinfo could be more address independent.
> With either the current default or an unspecified default those
> applications need code to say
> 	if AF_INET6
> 		turn on IPv6_V6ONLY

Someone else suggested that getaddrinfo (with AF_UNSPEC and AI_PASSIVE)
should return :: if the OS has IPV6_V6ONLY default to off, and both ::
and if the OS has IPV6_V6ONLY default to on, and I agree with

Another problem I have with the current default is that app writers that
want IPv6-only need to know about the IPV6_V6ONLY option, and those that
want both IPv4+IPv6 need to know about the AI_V4MAPPED flag.  So there's
no "simple" api, you have your choice of 2 special cases.


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