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Re: "test root servers"

this e-mail is not in accordance with the all requirements of section 10
of RFC2026 ... in particular, I haven't given due credit to those who taught
me to read and write (frankly, I don't remember who they were), and vast
numbers of other people, all of whom contributed to my getting to where I
am today...  However, I make no copyright claims to it, use it how you will.
I also have no patents, pending or issued, on any of the technology (or ever
ideas) discussed herein.  "IETF" might be a trade mark, so might "RFC", but
they don't belong to me.

% Are the "test root servers" using 2002:<IPv4>:0000 style addressing ?

	No.  They are test machines and use testing addresses.
	Mapped IPv4 is not a test but a transition technique.

% Has the ICANN Board approved these alternative root servers ?

	Not to my knowledge. They are not production services, they
	are used to experiment and test.  That said, several ICANN
	staff and Board members have informally been made aware of 
	this testbed.

% Are there native IPv6 .COM servers?

	I would not know.

% Jim Fleming

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