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Experimental vs. Production Re: "test root servers"

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From: "Bill Manning" <bmanning@ISI.EDU>
> % Are the "test root servers" using 2002:<IPv4>:0000 style addressing ?
> No.  They are test machines and use testing addresses.
> Mapped IPv4 is not a test but a transition technique.
> % Has the ICANN Board approved these alternative root servers ?
> Not to my knowledge. They are not production services, they
> are used to experiment and test.  That said, several ICANN
> staff and Board members have informally been made aware of
> this testbed.

The terms "experimental" and "Proof-of-Concept" appear to be the same
with respect to ICANN. It is unclear how many years it will be before
"production services" are considered for the new TLDs, including .BIZ.
The IPv4/IPv8 swamp or sand-box of course was designed to allow as much of
this sort of "play" as people desire, before "production services" are
It also satisfies the need for "walled-garden" configurations.

U  Proof-of-Concept Reports

RFC-2001-07-01-000 IPv8 Expansion of Proof of Concept TLD Development

When one talks about "production services", I assume they are at a minimum
talking about IPv16-Compliant equipment. (i.e. Carrier-Grade, NEBS,
24", -48vDC)

Jim Fleming
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