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Requirements for 'O' flag (was Re: IPv6 working group agenda for Minneapolis IETF)

OK, there are really several issues here:
a. the text needs to be updated to use RFC 2119 keywords
b. which keywords?
c. what is "the stateful configuration protocol"?
d. if the answer to "c" is DHCPv6, should RFC 2462 more
    explicitly reference the configuration-only version
    of DHCPv6 in the description of the 'O'flag?

Without fixing a. RFC 2462 is underspecified in this area.

I changed "should" into "MUST" because a network manager who wants hosts to 
use "the stateful configuration protocol" really expects those hosts to use 
it.  It seemed like a good way to kick of the discussion.

Now that the DHCPv6 spec is approaching completion, we ought to talk about 
c. and d.

- Ralph

At 02:05 AM 3/19/2002 +0900, itojun@iijlab.net wrote:
> >So, RFC 2462 only uses RFC 2119 keywords to describe the behavior of a host
> >when the value of the 'O' flag remains unchanged.  The text in section
> >5.5.3 needs to be updated to:
> >    If the value of OtherConfigFlag changes from FALSE to
> >    TRUE, the host MUST invoke the stateful autoconfiguration
> >    protocol [...]
>         you have changed "should" into "MUST".  any reasons why? what happens
>         if a host does not have stateful autoconfiguration protocol
>         implementation?
>         i think "SHOULD" is fine.

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